OPS modules that are trending now

Infection Control

Preventing infections; Improving antibiotic stewardship

  • "Because of OPS, our infection incidence rates have dropped to half the national average."
  • "Our current status is super easy to view on our facility map."
  • "It’s easy to send a graphic to my staff for action. I don’t even have to say anything."
  • "Really user friendly

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OPS Budget Builder & Program Checkbook

Tools for increasing financial effectiveness and reducing complexity

  • "Helps our team set priorities and track progress."
  • "Helped me find a $2M error!"

OPS Fair Performance Management

For linking people and the organization

  • "An appraisal that actually helps improve organizational results."
  • "Shows me how I fit in the company."

What People Are Saying: 

“OPS helps our improvement projects achieve their intended goals”

“Helps complete the performance cycle”

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