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Gain Operational Clarity at Federal, State, and Local Levels

What’s Hot

Strategic Planning and Alignment

OPS answers the question “do our program investments align to our strategic objectives?”

See every effort in one view – aligned and integrated across the enterprise.

Integrated Project and Program Management

A no-nonsense method of managing, prioritizing, and resourcing every project and program across an organization.

Reduce decision risk, accelerate progress, and build confidence.

FAIR Performance Management

A common-sense system for fairly managing employee performance at every level.

Aligns individual objectives to the organization’s large-scale goals. Facilitates communication between supervisors and employees. Determines long and short range priorities and success criteria.

Employee Engagement

A streamlined info-to-action feedback system that transforms employee ideas into actions. Accessible to anyone, in any location.

Aggregates millions of data points into defined, accountable actions. Leverages the intelligence of each team member. Gives employees a transparent platform for actively contributing to the organization. Leads to best retention of the best performers.

Quality Indicators and Readiness Trends

Track every critical metric against established targets and budgets. Anticipate gaps between internal quality indicators and organizational readiness. Apply the analytic rigor necessary for internal and external review.

Budget Builder and Program Checkbook

Manage day to day financial activity from planning to execution.

Increases financial effectiveness, reduces complexity, and displays the financials for every effort in one place.

Improves information reliability. Reduces redundancy. Eliminates spreadsheets. Simplifies staff work, reducing corporate errors. Shares information seamlessly across the enterprise.

QuickPASS: Rapid Analysis

QuickPASS makes it easy for teams at every level to produce quick, high-value analyses and get the results into the hands of the people who need them.

Key issues get immediate attention. Solution implementation begins in just days. Coordination is easy; communication is enhanced.

What People Are Saying: 

“The common sense way to manage projects — from the team leader to the executive suite.”

“Provides a common approach to initiative execution and metrics management, enhanced information transparency, and an ability to exploit emerging information."

"Time saver – Eliminates duplication of effort; anytime, anywhere reporting."

Other OPS Government Applications

Calendars, Schedules, and Checklists

OPS provides one place where executives and their staffs can communicate, coordinate, and share organizational information. Regardless of the complexity of your program, project, or activity, OPS has a solution that helps.

ComPASS: Comprehensive Analysis

Take your analyses to new levels of accuracy and speed. Reach across your organization or around the world to get targeted insights from experts and stakeholders. ComPASS uses machine learning and a database of 9.35e+49 combinations of business issues, solutions, and organizational complexity to optimize your performance improvement efforts. A “must see”.

Competency Management

Create a learning culture that promotes communication and collaboration and supports fact-based decision making. Align role-based competencies with the goals of the organizational performance system. Track employee capabilities to support workforce planning, development, and appraisals.

Scoping and Risk Assessment

Use OPS scoping and risk assessment tools to ensure a clear picture of the complexities of key projects. Capture assumptions, develop mitigation plans, and set sponsor expectations for success using objective criteria.

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