Planning and Execution

Manage performance at every organizational level.
Communicate priorities, allocate resources, and track success

Strategic Planning & Alignment

Operationalize your strategic plan, allocate resources, and track success at multiple levels.

  • Multi-level goal setup and prioritization
  • Organizational alignment
  • Workgroup relationship setup
  • Project alignment
  • Budget/Financials alignment and monitoring
  • Strategic reporting auto-messaging and email alerts

Project & Program Management

Create a standard approach for project management, measurement, communication. Customizable information templates let OPS match your approach and culture.

  • Assess customer impact
  • Plan the transition from proof-of-concept to organization-wide adoption
  • Manage facts and assumptions
  • Assess and mitigate risk
  • Plan budget and personnel needs
  • Display all geo-related projects via a Google Maps™ link
  • Manage vendors
  • Track and report expenses
  • Auto-generate periodic project assessments and reports
  • Share related documents
  • Access extensive how-to/why-to help and advice — Create Day 1 project management expertise!

What People Are Saying: 

“An effective way for leaders to exert data driven influence precisely when and where required”

“Provides ‘decision superiority’ relative to my competitors”

“The common sense way to manage projects — from the team leader to the executive suite”

“Gets the organization off paper and local databases”

“Time saver — Eliminates duplication of effort.”

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